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Blog Title: What are the advantages of radiant floor heating?

Main Que: What are the advantages of radiant floor heating?

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  • Query By: DEBORAH G (El Paso, TX)
  • Date: 11/03/2016

Answer: Radiant floor heating uses the principle of radiation to heat homes. In radiant heating, the air is not heated directly rather the surface of the objects present in the room and the air is gently warmed thus making the entire room more comfortable than would have been with other heating systems. Besides being more comfortable than other modes of heating there are other benefits associated with radiant heating. They are the following:Radiant heating system is a quite way of heating a home. This is because the components making noise are located in a mechanical room away from the occupied spaces.It is an energy efficient system to heat your homes. The reason is unlike other heating systems which end up heating even those areas which do not require heating on the contrary the radiant heating is installed only in those areas where it is required.Radiant floor heating is a clean system of heating a home and it also reduces allergy. This is because the same air is not circulated repeatedly into the rooms.In terms of durability as well, radiant heating is considered superior to a lot of other heating systems and last but not the least, radiant heating has an aesthetic appeal as it is installed below the floors and cannot be seen openly.

  • Replied By: JESSICA T (San Jose, CA)
  • Replied Date: 11/04/2016