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Blog Title: Troubleshooting electric water boiler

Main Que: My electric boiler does not have enough hot water, what would be the troubleshooting method.

  • Category: Ecosmart Water Heater Maintenance
  • Query By: MATTIE REEVES (Scranton, PA)
  • Date: 03/28/2014

Answer: "You definitely need to get a professional to look at your system, but this are few of the steps you can look into. Not Enough Hot Water 1. Temperature set to low. 2. Check elements. 3. Check thermostats. 4. Check for loose wiring. 5. Water heater undersized. 6. Check water heater dip/fill tube."

  • Replied By: ANNA SANCHEZ (Odessa, TX)
  • Replied Date: 04/01/2014