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Main Que: What is self evaporation? and what is its purpose in portable AC's?

  • Category: Installing Electric Water Heaters
  • Query By: JOANNE GARRETT (El Cajon, CA)
  • Date: 12/07/2013

Answer: "All air conditioners have to go through a condensation process. In window air conditioners, because more than 75% of the AC is mounted outside the window, all the condensed water is allowed to drip freely outside. But in case of portable AC, because the AC is inside the room, all the condensed water is stored within an in built tank that needs to be drained. So our Portable AC's use latest technology of Self Evaporation. In this process, AC tries to get rid of most of the water stored in the in built tank by self evaporation, thereby leaving only a small amount that needs to be drained manually which is quiet easy as well. ALL portable AC's have in built water tank which holds water that cannot be self evaporated. Once that water tank is full, the AC shuts itself down and a light blinks on air conditioner's LCD panel indicating it needs to be emptied. BASED ON THIS TECHNOLOGY AC WILL NEVER LEAK EVEN WHEN THE WATER TANK IS FULL. There is a small rubber cork at the bottom of the AC, ONCE YOU PULL that out, the water just drains out and you can empty it in any pan and restart the AC right away. How often would you need to empty the water tank? Answer is no one can really predict that, as it totally depends on the humidity. It could be once a week or once every few hours. It all depends on your usage and the humidity on that particular day and you can always use the option 2 for continous drainage without having to worry about emptying. Continous drainage system drains the water automatically and you never have to empty it manually and it is very easy to setup as well. See option 2 for continous drainage and option 1 for manual drainage below."

  • Replied By: TIMOTHY ROBINSON (Appleton, WI)
  • Replied Date: 01/13/2014